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3000W inverter:No way to turn it off

Crafty-Mechanic purchased a 12V 3000w inverter on Amazon.When connecting the unit to the battery,he gets a massive arc and load.This causes his battery management system to detect a short, and shut off to protect the battery.The only way to reset the BMS is to disconnect the unit, but the process repeats. So he could never get this connected and working.He said it shut down 2-3 times a day and could be restarted, but then after a few days it stopped again.

There are many reasons why the inverter fails to shut down, but one of the main reasons is that the overload protection function of the inverter is diverse.

What is Overload Protection of Inverter ?

Overload protection refers to the situation which the inverter will automatically stop running or shut down or lock after reaching the rated load.

The protection mode has different program operations. According to the written program, the protection mode of the inverter is also different. After an overload occurs, some inverters will automatically lock to protect the body, and other inverters will enter an incomplete shutdown protection mode.

Incomplete shutdown protection mode means that the inverter detects overload inside and shuts down operation, but it restarts and then detects overload again and shuts down operation. It shuts down and then starts again. After it starts, it detects and then shuts down. It repeats, that is, it shuts down and then restarts, and restarts and then shuts down.Our inverter has an automatic detection system inside, which will sound a buzzer alarm under overload protection, which can well protect the inverter from damage.

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