Junbpaw 2000W 12V Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Inverter / LGE Series(European standard)

  • Pure Sine Wave Output
  • Can continuously carry 2080 watts of internal resistance load,Peak power up to 6240/200ms
  • Temperature&Load controlled cooling fan
  • Output voltage range options 12/24/48V
  • Frequency selectable 50/60Hz
  • No load power(< 10W)
  • Protection:Input Under - Voltage Protection
    Input Under - Voltage Recovery
    Input OVer - Voltage Protection
    Input OVer - Voltage Recovery
    Output OVerload
    Output Short circuit
    Over Temperature
    DC Input Reverse Polarity(internal fuse open)
  • Standard Output voltage:110V,customization for 100/115/120V
  • CE/FCC/E-Mark approved
  • Colors:Blue/Grey
  • Accessory Selectable:LED Display Screen,Wireless Remote Control Switch,Positive and Negative Connection cables,RS485 Network Cable,Remote Control Screen

1. The inverter is equipped with silicone anti-slip and anti-shock mounting feet, which has strong anti-shock and anti-fall capabilities. 2. Industrial grade standard shell design, main power control components are selected with high safety (MOS, IGBT, MCU). 3. Use the latest high-frequency transformer technology to achieve high conversion efficiency and strong compatibility. 4. Self-created heat dissipation system and DC input pure copper sheet conduction can achieve strong thermal conductivity and fast heat dissipation. 5. High temperature resistant electrolytic capacitor, excellent temperature characteristics, Lifespan more than 10000 hours (5 hours per day and more than 5 years). 6. Precision circuit design, balanced current distribution to achieve sufficient power and high efficiency.