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OEM/ODM Solutions for Backup Power

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We design and manufacture customized power supply products and provide OEM or ODM services for customers.Our ODM partners cover a wide range of areas, including emergency lighting systems, mobile medical carts, key communications backup power systems, and charging systems for remote ocean research sensors. Whether you want to bring the product to market, or replace the old technology, or to reduce costs, we can help you. From modifying existing production products to fully customized solutions, we have an experienced technical service team to ensure that the right solutions are created for your unique applications and requirements.

Commercial lighting systems require 24 / 7 uninterrupted operation.We committed to providing safe, clean and efficient backup power to maintain these systems in the event of an accident.

Medical, retail and warehouse workers use mobile power stations in the workplace to maximize efficiency, so they can focus more time on the work at hand. Our OEM partner’s mobile power station adopts advanced battery and inverter system design to provide reliable on-demand power supply.

Customized radio cabinet, adapt to any specifications of land mobile radio model. OEM customization makes it a powerful desktop base station unit, which can bring maximum efficiency and productivity to users.

For customers who need travel assistance, large grocery stores and retail stores need electric shopping carts.Our OEM partners also contribute to charging electric shopping carts for use.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter charger with UPS 1080w-12V