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How to connect the inverter to the car battery

             How to connect the inverter to the car battery

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With a power inverter, there will never be a dull moment on your journey. From keeping your DVD player and laptop running to charging your phone and iPad while on the road, these devices keep your gadgets running on the road.So how to coonect your inverter to the battery?

Let me teach you how to connect the inverter to the car battery during your road trip,enjoying your travel.

First,to be clear, here are some of the locations you’d better avoid:

a.On the floor above the exhaust system and in other extremely hot areas, such as under the hood.

b.Enclosed area where moisture may condense.

c.Where you may find combustible fuel vapor.

Too much heat shortens the life of your investment because capacitors are very sensitive to temperature. Similarly, the power inverter is easily damaged by liquids, and your contact with moisture or rain can endanger its life.

Second,Check the inverter how it can work

1.Take your equipment to the car and place it in a perfectly flat (or fairly flat) position. The inverter should always work on a flat surface such as the floor of the vehicle. Be sure to leave some space around your device, which helps to vent hot air from the inverter.

2.Be sure to turn off the inverter for safety reasons before continuing to install the fuse holder. Keep in mind that without a fuse, the inverter is prone to problems such as short circuits and can easily burn in flames, damaging your car.

There are two possibilities:

a.You are lucky enough to order a device that already has a fuse kit.

b.Your inverter does not have a fuse installed, you must install it before completing the rest of the wiring.

Third,Please follow the User manual

Correct steps:

a.Connect the positive (+) connector – marked red – to the positive terminal of the power inverter.

b.Similarly, connect the negative (-) connector – marked black – to the negative terminal of the power inverter.

c.If recommended, connect the ground cable connector to the ground (copper) terminal of the inverter.

d.Tighten the nut on each terminal until they fit snug.

e.Connect the red and black wires to the battery, and then connect the black wire to the negative terminal of the battery first. Note that you will connect the red (positive) cable to the battery later.

f.Connect the ground cable to any exposed metal on the body of the car and attach the other end there. You can even drill a hole and screw it in there.

Last,Recheck your connection

You are almost done now, but you need to make sure that the connection is properly established. Go back and check the connections on the terminals, including the inverter and battery.

You want to make sure they are strong enough — a loose connection can cause the wires to build up heat, which could damage your device. And the other part of the concern is wires/connectors – contact with any metal part can be dangerous.

PS:Safe tips

a.Do not operate electrical systems while drinking, raining or taking medicine.

b.Disconnect the positive terminal of the battery before connecting the inverter to the device.

c.Use the recommended cables to protect your system and get maximum operating efficiency from the inverter.

d.Remove metal jewelry and watches to avoid accidents.

Fortunately, most inverters have specific installation instructions in the manual, and even come with accessories like cables and fuse kits to simplify the process. When installing an inverter into your car, follow the instructions and these tips.