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JUNBPAW INVERTER IS COMING-Harness the power freely


Founded in 2006, thorough penetration in the field of inverter for many years, Junbpaw is an INVERTER brand created by Shenzhen Green Light New Energy Co,Ltd.Junbpaw is the model of inverter product business model.

Most of the inverters on the market are falsely advertised, and the power they advertise does not match the actual power.Junbpaw have been committed to providing more sufficient, cleaner and high efficiency power supplies. Many countries and regions are not connected to the power grid and lack electricity. In response to market demand and Increasing needs of Inverters,Junbpaw brand was created.

There are a lot of market because some countries and regions are not connected with the grid.Our Mission is to let people use electricity freely and more imporantly,it is affordable.Junbpaw design,develop and research high quality inverter over 17 years,making the life easier and more comfortable.Our goal is:Harness the electricity freely and gallop across the wilderness.

Inverter-Free power for your travel