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Inverter-Why it suddenly smokes

Fuzy had purchased two inverters from powerdrive, but to his surprise, none of them were working properly. He said This is the second powerdrive inverter I am having to deal with. I have had a 2500 and a 3000w inverter. The 2500W trip the beakers on one leg or the other.A truly stupid design. And sitting here trying to make my dinner running a small 700W microwave and the 3000W inverter started smoking and throwing a low voltage code.Why inverter smokes?

Another customer, Jason, released a diagram of the internal structure of the inverter. It can be clearly seen that there are burns inside. The initial judgment is that the MOS tube burst. The result is that the inverter does not work and needs to be replaced with a new one.

There are many reasons why the inverter smokes:

1.the internal design is unreasonable

2.the inverter is overloaded

3.a short circuit occurs inside the inverter.

When using an inverter, we should judge whether the inverter is reliable, so how to judge? Generally, it is judged by whether the inverter can drive electrical appliances.

But there are some pitfalls here.The electrical appliances that the inverter can drive are divided into three types of loads: inductive load, capacitive load, and resistive load. Among them, inductive loads are the most susceptible to damage to the inverter. The electrical appliances we often use in life, such as microwave ovens, air conditioners, refrigerators, and coffee pots, are all inductive loads.

So, it is very important that whether the inverter can drive inductive loads.When you want to test your inverter,pls follow the User Manual and pay attention to your safety.

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