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What size inverter should I buy?

What size inverter should I buy?

Before you want to purchase a inverter,a simple question you need to answer:what size inverter should I buy?

First,Select the appropriate power output. The inverter will be rated by wattage,calculating how many watts it can run at one time. For example, let’s tell you have a 500-watt refrigerator and an 900-watt air conditioner.Both projects are 1400 watts and require an inverter with a power higher than 1400 watts.Junbpaw 2000W and 3000W inverters will meet your power needs.

Second,Check the battery voltage. The DC voltage rating on the inverter will tell you what kind of battery pack it is compatible with. For example, a 12V battery pack requires an inverter that is compatible with a 12V DC input.12V battery can not match with 24V/48V inverter.

Third,Determine the size of the installation space.Where will you set up the inverter? Make sure the inverter fits into the space you want, with enough space around it to allow for good ventilation and no fire hazard.

Last,our inverter has the Remote Operation Screen and switch for turn on/off.Junbpaw pure sine wave inverter is equipped with easy -operated remote control switch so that you can operate the device from a distance.Remote operation will bring convenience for your life.